Large Cowhide

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Large black and white cowhide, measuring approx. 3.5 metres.

Natural Cowhide

This Hide originates from South America. It has been hand selected for the highest quality and distinctive original markings.

Care & Maintenance

To clean your cowhide, you may use the soft bristle brush attachment on your vacuum, going with the grain of the hair, do not push the hair upwards In dry conditions you may take the hide outdoors and give a gentle shake, this will allow fresh air into the hide and give it the opportunity to breath, helping to release any odours that collected in the hair and will also help clean the underneath.

For any spills, take a damp cloth and using a small amount of mild soap gently wipe in the direction of the hair grain. Once you have removed the spill, use a clean damp cloth to gently remove any excess soap. Put an object underneath the area is the spill to allow for drying.

Not suitable for dry cleaning.